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Who the hell are Ethel and Frank?

Ethel and Frank are made up personas. To us these names embody the spirit of the brand: Two old people who give zero fucks. Currently, we're focused on celebrating Ethel. Perhaps in the future we'll also celebrate Frank.


Are all your bags true vintage?

Vintage is the aesthetic we go for when we search for bags. Does it look like it belongs in another era? Cool. Snag it! That's how we operate. Some bags may be decades old while others are special finds that only have a vintage look. 


What do you mean pre-owned?

We mean used, yo! However, we pride ourselves on finding high quality and superbly cared-for merchandise. If we sell a bag with a slightly distressed interior, which we do from time to time, it's because we deemed it too special to pass up.


Do you sell designer bags?

We sell both designer name and unbranded, lesser known brands. Our goal is not to sell expensive designer bags at discounted prices; it's to curate a truly unique selection of bags that fit our fab old lady aesthetic.


Where do you source your bags?

We currently source all of our bags from online sellers, thrift stores and estate sales in the U.S.


Can I sell you one (or a few) of my own bags?    

Of course! Send us an email at with the subject line "BUY ME". Include photos and a full description for the bag(s), including material, brand and condition. If it fits our vibe, we will coordinate a potential purchase.


Where do you ship?

At this time, we only ship within the U.S.